Nagapadam One Gram Gold Glass stone necklace MG-1120


Handcrafted one gram gold plated Nagapadam Long Glass Stone Necklace with green stone . Its can use as adjustable chain. The Real Glass stone is used. This necklace can worn in ring ceremony, wedding and festival time.

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Nagapadam Long glass stone necklace with adjustable chain makes a traditional stylish outfit to south India. The necklace is a lengthy glass and stone piece known as a nagapadam, which is a true traditional item from south India. It is a chain that is movable. This necklace is appropriate for regular wear as well as ring ceremonies, marriages, and festivals. With this selection, make your occasion memorable.

The necklace enhances the cute beauty of traditional attire. The glass stone used in the necklace gives it a genuine handcrafted appearance and gorgeous finish. When worn with traditional attire, green stone gives off a natural vibe. The handcrafted flowers add to the necklace’s charm and give it an ethical finish. Here, we’re showcasing several similar products together with a lovely jewellery variety. Mahitham jewellery enhances your sense of specialness on unique occasions with Mhaitham collections.


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