One Gram Gold Double Layer Palakka Necklace MG-1110


Designer green Palakka necklace is a unique piece of jewellery. The Ruby Red Stones embedded inside the golden floral design adds an additional beauty to the necklace. It has a simple, elegant and modern design.

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Green Palakka One Gram Gold Ruby Red Flower stone necklace is an elegant and modern jewellery. The necklace features a double layered chain with golden floral motifs with ruby red stone in the centre and rhombus shaped motifs made out of golden balls. This necklace has a distinctive pattern with a mix of traditional and modern looks. It contains an adjustable chain for more comfortable usage. This necklace can be used in ring ceremonies, wedding occasions, festivals, and events. The classic Necklace is popular in south India. It features a premium gold finish and is most appropriate for festive occasions.





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