Traditional Nagapadam One Gram Gold Dimmy Necklace / Poothali MG-902


Model No. 902

Dimmy Nagapadam Glass Stone Necklace (also known as Poothali) with ruby-red colour stones. Available in Red, Green and Blue glass stones.

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Traditional one gram gold nagapadam dimmy necklace with twenty-one dimmy blocks each having seven ruby red stones and a glass stone (blue/green/red). This elegant piece of jewellery is also known as poothali in South India.

This necklace is best suited for traditional, cultural or festive events including marriages, parties, naming ceremonies, festivals, etc. The length is adjustable using the back link chain.

Additional information

Dimensions420 mm
Available Colours

Blue, Green, Red

Stone Type



6 Months Warranty


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