One Gram Gold Pathakkam Chain With Earrings MG-1135


Traditional One Gram Gold Pathakkam chain with earrings gives Classic Touch in south India. Used in Functions and parties. it has an adjustable backlink chain. This Pathakkam chain with White American Diamonds provides a simple yet elegant look.

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Traditional Kerala Pathakkam chain with earrings is an Elegant Classy Design. In South India, these classy elegant chains are more Trending among girls and women. The Elegance of the product is bought by the White American Diamond stones in the Rhombus pendant. The Rhombus gives a special feature to the classy chain. This Jewel set features a one-of-a-kind Traditional Look with antic finish Touch.

It contains an adjustable chain for more comfortable usage. You can wear it with any traditional outfit it gives us more beauty than a traditional outfit. You can wear it in your special moments like weddings, ring ceremonies, events, and festivals. In South India, the classy chain gives an iconic vibe. The Stunning Traditional Kerala pathakkam chain with golden balls gives more attraction to the chain. The jewelry with the entire traditional outfit gives an authentic feel to south India. The Stunning chain with White AD stones will undoubtfully improve any women’s Jewellery Collections in south India. It features a high-end gold finish and is most appropriate for festive occasions. It makes an adorable beauty in the traditional outfit which includes the jewelry set. 



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