Dreamcash One Gram Gold Lakshmi long chain MG-1123


The traditional Kerala Dream cash Lakshmi Long Chain makes a elegant feel in south India. One gram gold plated dream cash long chain with adjustable backlink chain. This Dream cash Lakshmi chain is also available in a shorter version.

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The traditional Kerala Dreamcash Lakshmi Long  makes a beauties’ touch in south India .South India’s traditional pattern is provided by Kerala’s traditional  lengthy dream cash. This dreamcash Lakshmi Long chain is also available in a shorter version. Traditional temple jewellery which features an array of Lakshmi golden coins and a stylish pattern. This chain is suitable during weddings, events and festivals. mainly it is suitable for traditional or cultural occasions .

Dreamcash  An lovely finishing touch for a traditional dress is a Dreamcash Lakshmi long chain. Hindu culture is authentically felt when Lakshmi Devi is produced by hand. Use this range to make your occasion memorable. This jewellery set features a unique traditional decoration and an antique shine. South Indian brides dress in this traditional dance.



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